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Joma's philosophy

Our customers are our first priority. In all relationships, we do our utmost in order to be a good partner. Our goal is to be committed and listen to our customers' needs, to learn from our relationship and through that get new ideas and angles of approach, and thus be able to develop new products. We are happy to see that many of our partnerships with our customers go a long way back.

Humility and respect for the customer, combined with great professional skill, entrepreneurial spirit, flexibility and ingenuity have always been the characteristics of Joma – and always will be.

A smaller market leader

Despite the fact that we are market leader, globally we are a smaller company. Our culture has always been characterised by short decision paths and open doors, which means that we in a short amount of time can develop client-unique solutions. Furthermore, our 5,000 square meters large warehouse is filled with finished products, which guarantee quick deliveries.

We know that our customers value our rapidity and our capacity to develop flexible solutions. In other words: the right products at the right time. We are convinced that these two are important components of a high level of service.

special requirements?

special requirements?

Joma has many years of experience from developing special solutions for the engineering and the manufacturing industry. Contact us and we will tell you more about our services.