Joist hanger S-I
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Joist Hangers

Used for connecting beams in the same plane and at the connection between the columns and beams. Joist Hangers is equipped with both nail and bolt holes and can be fitted to wood, concrete, lightweight concrete and brickwall.

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Joist hanger S-I

Light beam, I-beam or masonite beam is a beam consisting of solid flanges and a web of a 10 mm thick OSB or chipboard.

The joist hangers are adapted to fasten the light beams both with and without web reinforcements.

The joist hangers are available in two different models, S-I and I-I. S-I stands for “Solid - I-beam” which are developed for when you have a solid primary beam and I-beam as secondary. The upper tabs on the S-I can easily be bent up so that they become straight if you want to attach the beam shoe in the middle of a secondary beam and not line the upper edge.

Model I-I stands for “I-beam - I-beam”, which means that there is an I-beam both as primary and secondary. I-I must enclose the primary beam of I-beam both above and below and therefore requires that primary and secondary are of the same height (but not the same width).