Competence and flexible production results in good solutions
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Competence and flexible production results in good solutions

For larger or more complex buildings, different types of special fittings are often needed for the construction to meet the set requirements that exist on the property.

Thanks to our broad competence and efficient production, many architects and construction companies turn to us with inquiries about whether we can help with strength calculations and the manufacture of special fittings.

One such example was when one of our customers needed column shoes for glulam pillars that could handle extremely high loads. A fun challenge where we helped all the way from idea to finished product.

Of course, we started the project by going through all the requirements, which loads the fitting needs to be able to handle, which climate class the fitting must meet, the column shoe must be attached to wood or concrete, etc. When we had all the conditions met, we were able to dimension the post shoe to meet the requirements.

Then we produced complete 3D drawings in CAD on the column shoe with both dimensions and hole images. With the drawing in place, it was time for our production to take over and produce the column shoes in a couple of different dimensions where the largest was made of 10 mm thick stainless steel (to give the product a high corrosion resistance) and the dimensions 200x280x450 mm.

Because we can help all the way from calculations to finished product, our customers only need one contact person at the same time we can keep delivery times and cut costs, thanks to a flexible production.

Do not hesitate to contact Gustaf Josefsson if you want to know more about how we can help you with special fittings.


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