See when Dryfix is used in Husdrömmar.
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See when Dryfix is used in Husdrömmar.

Do you also like Husdrömmar on SVT? We like it alot! Always inspiring and fun to see the dreams of new or renovated homes come to live.

Of course, it is a little extra fun when our smart products are used in the renovation or new construction. Like last Monday when it must be ensured that the brick façade has sufficient anchoring to the frame when more weight is to be added. Dryfix is used for post-anchoring of shell walls to all types of frame material - concrete, wood, lightweight concrete, brick, etc.

Some of the benefits:

    • Extremely fast and easy work = efficient assembly
    • Low installation cost = advantageous economy
    • Mechanical anchoring = great safety
    • No anchoring mass = better environment
    • The spiral acts as a drip release = avoids moisture problems
    • Stainless steel, acid-proof steel EN 1.4401 = durable material with a long service life

Here you can watch when Dryfix is used in the program. Yes, you can see the whole program as well, of course, but for convenience, have fast-forwarded to the most important😉

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