White by Joma
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White by Joma

Last spring we launched a new series of construction fittings, Black by Joma, it was immediately talked about and appreciated. So much appreciated that it has already caused ripples in the water and we have produced a sister series. White by Joma.

Just like Black by Joma, the new series consists of joist hangers, jointing plates, angle brackets, profile strap and anchor screws.

By also offering white lacquered fittings, new possibilities are given for the fittings to blend into white constructions such as conservatories etc., or stand out if you prefer. In other words, even greater freedom of choice.

The fittings are available in sizes that suit both larger constructions such as balconies, conservatories, pergola etc. but also smaller constructions such as furniture. Of course, we sell screws with white lacquered screw heads to match the fittings.

For larger quantities, we can also offer special colours. The possibilities are endless.

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