Joma – a company with old traditions
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Joma – a company with old traditions

Joma was started in 1944 in Målskog, just outside of Gnosjö, by Gunnar and Eiris Josefsson. The company is still a family-owned business, today owned in the second generation by the brothers Yngve and Rickard Josefsson.

Joma started off with producing paper clips and buttons for upholstered furniture. In fact, Joma was Sweden's first paper clip manufacturer. In the 1960's, shelf rests were introduced in the furniture market and at the same time Joma started producing chrome strips for, e.g. Volvo. With time, the wire straightening was developed and during the 1970's the manufacturing of wall ties was also initiated. During the 1980's the business expanded rapidly and the company started producing a complete set of timber connectors.

Joma's three major areas of focus are: timber connectors, cavity wall products and wire straightening.

An expanding company

In 1990, Jowema in Anderstorp was bought by Joma, the reason being that the company's enterprise was equal to that of Joma's, and that the two already had many customers in common. Ten years later Bistål, a company that produces ladder shaped reinforcement, was started in Västervik, and so Joma reinforced its position within the business of cavity wall products.

Joma, Jowema and Bistål constitute the Ebim group whose owners are the brothers Rickard and Yngve Josefsson.

Looking to the future with confidence

The company's faith in the future is as strong as ever. As late as in 2009, an extension of 5,500 square meters was finished. The extension brings additional production capacity to the company and together with our will to put our customers first, Joma's high level of service is optimised.

For more than 65 years, we have continuously broadened the knowledge basis for manufacturing steel products. Joma looks to the future with confidence.

special requirements?

special requirements?

Joma has many years of experience from developing special solutions for the engineering and the manufacturing industry. Contact us and we will tell you more about our services.