Angle bracket 440
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Angle bracket 440

Joma angle bracket 440 is manufactured out of 3 mm galvanized steelplate with a yield stress of 350MPa.

The reinforcing washer is 12 mm in thickness, which  increases the strength of the bracket when there are  upward loads.

Angle bracket 440 with washer is CE-approved according to CPR 305/2011 and its performance is declared in Joma-DoP-026-13.


3,0 mm pre-galvanized steel plate.
Nail holes: Ø 5,0 mm
Bolt holes tall shank: 13,0 mm
Bolt holes short shank: 17,5 mm
Washer: 12,0 x 60,0 x 75,0 mm hot dip galvanized 50μ