Angle bracket, Black & White
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Angle bracket

Used as crossconnection in wood. Can also be used for bolt mounting. Available in several dimensions to adapt to the current load.

See example in home construction

Angle bracket, Black & White

A new series of timber connectors, Black & White by Joma.

The new series consists of joist hangers, jointing plates, profile bands and angle brackets lacquered in nice matte black or white.

By offering a lacquered fitting, new opportunities are given to let the fittings blend into the construction in a completely different way or stand out if you prefer. In other words, greater freedom of choice.


The fittings are available in several dimensions and are suitable for both larger constructions such as balconies and pergolas or smaller constructions such as furniture and fences. Of course, we sell anchor screws with black or white lacquered screw heads to match the fittings.


In our standard range, there are about ten products that we have on stock, but upon request, we have the opportunity to paint all our different fittings also in other colors if desired. Contact our sales staff and they will help you.