Brick rail nr 33
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Wall ties are used as a tie rod in the shell wall and combined with any of our wall brackets for anchoring in the wall behind.

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Brick rail nr 33

Joma Brick-rail used in conjunction with Joma brick-rod for anchoring shell wall to steel studs and sheet-clad insulation panels of the sandwich type when the cavity between stud/panel and shell wall is short.

The associated tie-rod is mounted in the vertical groove of the rail and in the lay joint of the shell wall. The vertical grooves create freedom of movement for the system, which means that it can also be used for taller buildings where very large movements can occur in the masonry. Joma Brick-rail can also be used for frames made of wood, concrete, lightweight concrete and brick with the help of a suitable attachment.


The brick-rail is mounted vertically using Joma's stainless screw 4.8x35 mm, or another suitable screw for steel rule. For insulation panels, a so-called Bulb-tite® is preferably used, which is approved for use with Paroc sandwich elements type AST-T, AST-S, AST-F with plate thickness 0.5-, 0.6- and 0.7 mm on the element's surface plate. 

Find the right size

The required length of the tie-rod is determined by the width of the air gap and the anchorage depth. Air gap + at least 40 mm anchoring depth. Air gap + at least 40 mm anchoring in shell wall applies.

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